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Away Day in Wales

Saturday 28th January 11.00 am  By Invitation of The Tivyside For more details please contact Nicola Taylor MFH or Susie Beecroft. Please let us know before 20th January so arrangements can be made for horses and riders.


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Visitors Welcome

Visitors are always made very welcome to the Bicester Hunt and would encourage anyone wishing to come out to give our local Secretary a call (see  the secretaries page) to check the latest Meet location, parking places and to firm up...

Conduct Whilst Hunting

Be sure that you understand the correct way to ride when out hunting.     You must always remember that we are riding across people’s private land so always treat it with respect and remember that without the generosity and goodwill of the very many farmers, landowners and shoots we would not be able to hunt. Anything which puts that goodwill at risk is unacceptable. Always be friendly and polite to everyone at all times. Thank motorists, pedestrians and members of the public with a wave and a smile. You should be well dressed and your horse turned out well to show respect to our hosts. Always say ‘Good Morning’ to the Master and Secretary at the Meet. Arrive in good time and do not be late. Don’t ride across seeded fields. Walk around stock in a field rather than through them. Make sure that the person after you is aware that a gate needs to be closed by clearly saying ‘gate please’ or, if out of earshot, by raising your arm until they acknowledge that the gate needs to be shut. Never leave a person alone when they are closing a gate, stay until it has been shut properly. Always wait for the next horse when closing a gate or going over a wooden bridge. Do NOT gallop off until the next horse has come through. If others are jumping a fence close to a gate then wait until they have all finished before opening the gate. Move quickly to the side if the Huntsman, Whipper In or Master comes past you. Always turn your horse’s head towards the Hounds when they come close to you. Do not give your horse any chance of kicking a hound. Stay behind the Field Master at all times. Do not talk loudly; others may be trying to listen to hounds. Make sure your brakes are working well, the Hunting Field is not a race track. When jumping you must always keep straight and do not get to close to the one in front. Await your turn and do not push in front of the queue. If you stop, get out of the way as quickly as possible and let other members of the field jump before you try again. Warn other riders of dangers such as holes or wire on the ground. Always walk through a farmyard or across concrete. Keep a reasonable distance from the horse in front; it may kick! Red tape around a tail means the horse may well kick, green tape around a tail means the horse...

Builth Wells Hound Show

Bicester & Whaddon Chase Hounds appear to have had a good day at Builth Wells Hound Show !! Click here for more photos and full results    ...

Using the Forum

To access the forum go to the Members page> then forum link> then click on Link to Board and login using your user name and password If you have forgotten your password you can redo it by pressing login and ” I forgot my password” Please always check your junk box if you think that you are not getting your...