Covid-19 Statement

We have received clarification from The Hunting Office on how we can comply with the Prime Minister’s recent tightening on Covid-19 restrictions.  These are in ADDITION to those issued on Friday 4th September.

1) EVERYONE must book in to the relevant Secretary whether MOUNTED or on FOOT by 4 pm the night before.  This is to comply with strict Track and Trace regulations and anyone failing to do so, will be sent home. All Secretaries details can be found on the Forum and here.

2) SOCIAL DISTANCING must be implemented by ALL people at ALL times including foot followers even if they are watching from the road side.

3) ALL FOLLOWERS must carry a mask, hand sanitiser and gloves at all times.

The Masters and Secretaries have worked tirelessly over the past month to put all the correct protocols in place so that we can enjoy our day; the new regulations have created a considerable amount of extra paper work for them before and after a planned day.

Please, all I would ask you is to support them by following the above protocols.

Finally, I simply cannot stress the importance of this – anyone failing to do so puts the whole of the rest of the season at risk and with that massive financial implications for the Bicester Hunt with Whaddon Chase.               

Thank you for your support and understanding.


Peter Rymer