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You can go to the Forums section of our website. Here we publish Meet arrangements and announcements. There are also facilities for offering items for sale to Hunt members and for you to reply, comment, make their own contributions and enter into on line discussions.

To ensure this facility is not abused and is used only by interested people with a positive approach to our sport, the first time you visit the section you will need to register and choose your own password. We will authorise your registration quickly then you will be able to login when ever you like. If you are new to this facility you will need to register using your real name (to allow us to identify you) and supply other information to ensure maximum security and avoid spam and malicious content.
If you are new to this facility you will need to register using your REAL NAME as your username .
Please note you MUST add, at the bottom of the form, a name of someone known to the Hunt as a reference in the Reference box.
If you registered last year you will use the same username and password. If you have forgotten your password you can redo it by clicking on the link.
PLEASE NOTE: Password must be between 6 and 12 characters long, must contain letters in mixed CASE and must contain numbers

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