Rabbit Hunting at Stud Farm, Chesterton

Saturday 13th April

Please bring your terriers, small dogs, and children on leading-rein (only) ponies for a walk around Stud Farm to see if we can hunt any rabbits. This is a fun event, and we finish off with hot dogs and terrier racing afterwards. 

For the sake of clarity hunting will be done by your dogs not a pack of hounds

The cap is £10 inclusive and ponies must have an up to date passport.    The landowner has requested that vaccination certificates are brought and checked before unloading. Vaccination to be up to date and last vaccine in last 6 months.    Ponies not to be tied to boxes and put straight back on truck after ride.

Please can you let us know if you are coming to give us an idea of numbers for catering on Susie@bicesterhunt.co.uk