Important message regarding trail-hunting on National Trust land

A vote will take place at the National Trust AGM on 21st October to decide the future of trail-hunting on NT land. It is vital that we encourage members of the Trust to vote against the motion, in order to protect our legal activities.

Last year, licences to hunt across NT land were granted to 67 packs of hounds. If this members’ resolution – which was put forward by just a handful of animal rights activists – was to succeed, then the prospects for many of these packs would be very bleak.

There has been much press coverage over the past weeks regarding the terms of the NT licences, however this is a separate issue and we must not lose sight of the fact that if trail-hunting is banned on NT land, then the terms of the licences would be irrelevant.

In their AGM document released this week, the National Trust Board recommended that NT members should vote against the resolution.
It is their belief that licenced trail-hunting should be able to continue on NT land in line with their policy of providing access to the special places in their care to a broad range of supporters and users.

We now need to urge all contacts we have that are members of the Trust – be it family, family, colleagues or associates – to use their vote to help win this important battle and to protect legal trail-hunting on NT land in line with the recommendations of the Board.

How you can reach out to National Trust members

1. If you are a NT member, look out for your voting papers which will arrive by post and ensure that you vote before 13th October 2017. Please refer to the voting procedure outlined below to ensure you don’t miss your opportunity to be a part of this important process.

2. Members and non-members can help spread the message to save legal trail-hunting as far and wide as possible by sharing this email with their contacts. Encourage those contacts to forward it on to all their friends, families and colleagues too. Please ensure any potential voters are aware of the voting deadline of 13th October 2017.

3. Encourage your contacts to keep up to date by signing up to the Countryside Alliance’s dedicated campaign to save legal trail-hunting on National Trust land –

  • 4. Communicate with contacts via social media by keeping an eye on our Facebook and Twitter pages then sharing and re-tweeting any posts and updates regarding this campaign.
    Use your vote
    The closing date for voting on the members’ resolution – either online or by post – is 13th October 2017.

· Members that joined before 11th August 2017 are eligible to vote on the members’ resolution.

· Voting can be done online, by post, in person at the AGM or by proxy – ie, nominating either the board chairman or an alternative person to vote on their behalf.
Members can vote online via before 13th October.
· If you wish to attend the AGM and vote in person, you must still complete the voting form and return it – either by post or online – before the closing date of 13th October.
· The Countryside Alliance, Masters of Foxhounds Association (MFHA) and Association of Masters of Harriers and Beagles (AMHB) will all have representatives at the AGM who are happy to vote by proxy on a members’ behalf. For further details, please email:
To see the full AGM booklet published by the National Trust, please visit:
The Voice of the Countryside Podcast
The Countryside Alliance has recently launched a new podcast series with the first discussion being about trail-hunting on National Trust land. To listen to this broadcast, please click on



Prevent anti- hunting activists taking control of National Trust policy by ensuring that this AGM “members resolution”.is comprehensively defeated.Use your vote to OPPOSE the resolution and retain the status quo. It is ESSENTIAL for many packs including the Lake District fell packs that you take action.

For further information regarding the campaign to save legal trail-hunting on National Trust land, please visit –